Don’t Forget To Smile

Smile is one of the best facial expression.
people love see other people smile(it’s contagious).

A lot of things happened these days and people seem forgot how to smile.
thing like racism, politic, bullying and many other thing appear on our daily life.

we see, we disagree, we start to hate and we became forgot to forgive and forgot to smile. soon enough we become like them, we bully, we post something political, we became racist because our difference in our political view then we bully other party.
And everyday it will consume you and will become worse.

The question is “are you satisfied? are you happy?” the answer will always be “No”

forgot about politic, forgot about racism and forgot your anger.

Smile and enjoy your life.
Smile and help other people.
Smile and live your life to the fullest.
Smile and make other people live better
Smile and make other also smile.

after all of that, the question is “are you satisfied? are you happy? ”
Don’t Forget to Smile


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